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"Hunters Unite In The Breast Cancer Fight"

Through the Save The Rack foundation we hope to unite hunters in the
fight against breast cancer. Our goal is to raise awareness and to help
others suffering from this disease. We have a strong desire to give back
and help others is what lead them to start the foundation. With your help
we will build this foundation to reach out and touch the lives of those less
fortunate and to make friendships for life!

What Can You Do?
Nominations (email

As we build our foundation, we will be accepting nominations for children
who have lost their mothers to breast cancer as well as nominations for
those currently fighting the disease and having financial struggles due to
their battle. Your nominations will help us identify these individuals so that
we may reach out to some of these folks with a variety of different
programs that can offer them some assistance. Email us at and please tell us your nominees
story and circumstance, be sure to include their birthday and a way for us
to contact you as well.

Programs (email

We will also be doing Merchandise Pre-Sales as a way for you to get
involved and help someone in your area of the country.  Using the email
listed above send us a request for your pre-sale packet.  Your sales will
enter you into a drawing to be held in February 2012 for a variety of
giveaway items including hunts and gear that are being provided by our
sponsors.  Based on a combined sale of 30/30, 50/50 or 100/100
tshirts/bracelets it will give you  (2 entries for 30 club, 6 entries for the 50
club and 15 entries for the 100 club), some of the prizes already donated
have a value of over $4000.00 (Bowhunt in October for two in Southeast
Ohio).  Also, based on where your sales had taken place we will be using
a portion of those proceeds to reach out to someone in your area of the

Who Are We Helping?

100% of proceeds will go directly to cancer charities. Save The Rack will
also start by helping one child who has lost their mother to breast cancer,
by presenting them with a scholarship fund (We are hoping by growing the
foundation to help more in the future). In addition, Save The Rack will also
help those battling the disease and incurring financial struggles by
providing them with a donation to help them financially as well as gifts of
encouragement through birthday and Christmas programs we will be
setting up through your nominations!!!

Thank You!!!

We want to personally thank each and every person who has taken the
time to visit our website. Please search us out on Facebook by looking up
our Save The Rack Org (under construction) page and "liking us"...we will
continuously use the page to update everyone on events, alliances and
share stories of the friends we make along the way.  Our organization
looks forward to the challenge of getting others in our great heritage of
Hunting and the outdoors to pull together and make a difference in the
lives of those less fortunate.  In our lifetime chances are that this disease
will strike a loved one.  Whether it be a Grandmother, Mother, Sister,
Daughter, Wife, Cousin, Friend or a Co- Worker...lets make a difference by
HELPING....Thank You!!

John Tumbelty DA Outfitters & Save The Rack
I LOVE MY RACK will be splitting off
from Save The Rack anyone wanting
to order their shirts and merchandise
please contact Bobbie at we wish
Bobbie the best of luck and lots of
success with I Love My Rack!!!!!!
Save The Rack merchandise will be
temporarily unavailable until
back-orders have been filled....we
appreciate your patience and look
forward to helping you in the near