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Your DA Outfitter Guides
My name is John Tumbelty, owner and operator of D.A.
Outfitters in Northeast Kentucky.  I want to personally invite
you to experience all we have to offer with our incredible
whitetail deer and turkey hunting.

The name of our operation D.A. (Different Approach) says it
all. With over 70 stand locations, a combination of single and
double ladder stands, a few loc-ons, and a mixture of
portable and natural ground blinds, we look to accommodate
a variety of hunter preferences.  Each of our stand locations
is equipped with food/nutrition/mineral stations with the
health and potential for our deer herd in mind.  We selectively
and strategically schedule our hunts so we do not over
pressure our herds and provide our hunters their best
opportunities at taking a quality buck.  The majority of our
hunts are scheduled around the pre/rut and rut periods or
what would be considered “Prime Time”.
I am the father of two awesome children
(Lauren & Drew).  I grew up in New Jersey and
have hunted up and down the Eastern United
States for 35 plus years now.  I have hunted
Kentucky for almost 20 years and have been
guiding for 17 years now.  My love and passion for
hunting and the outdoors has made outfitting a
natural fit for me.  I really enjoy the opportunities I
get to pass down our hunting heritage, share my
passion with new hunters and to share in the
reward of helping others with their success and
learning in the field.  I also enjoy sharing the
unique experience our hunters have after they have
just seen or had an opportunity at a buck of a

Our guides Craig
and Matt  work and prepare the
properties year round.  Their knowledge and efforts
are a huge part of the hunting experience at D.A.
Outfitters.  We also enjoy and appreciate the efforts
of Justin,
Mike, Natalie, Chad and Kelsey who
come in to help out during
different hunts during
season to ensure our hunters get all the help
they need and to make sure everyone has a great
We love to host youth hunters and “kick off” our season with a
Youth Rifle Hunt.  Kids receive a gift bag and participate in
friendly competitions for gifts and prizes throughout the hunt.  We
also work with a few lady hunting organizations and host two
“Ladies Only” hunts, a
turkey and a deer hunt.  We have had
great success in providing a safe, fun atmosphere that caters to
the needs of specific groups.

Our goal at D.A. outfitters is to reach out and promote our hunting
heritage, extending our experience to share and secure our great
sport with others.
Our staff is experienced, friendly and fun.  They
work hard maintaining, scouting and preparing the
properties to make sure all is done for a safe and
successful hunt.

We feel a friendly handshake, good service, a smile
and some good laughs, not only go a long way with
the people we meet but often times become the
beginning of new friendships!